Public Speaking and Training: Presentations on a variety of topics are offered. Examples include children, teens, family issues, child development, Autism, learning problems, Asperger's Disorder, children with difficult behaviors, school and classroom issues, and Sensory Processing Disorder.


Social Skills Coaching: Download Social Coaching PDF

Executive & Leadership Coaching: A service provided to individual executives or organizations that helps support and build more effective capabilities and skills to achieve organizational goals.

Personal & Life Coaching: In this partnership the client is coached to identify and or clarify their goals and priorities, take appropriate steps, and achieve success.

Career Coaching: Feeling more fulfilled in one's career and accomplishing one's objectives are the key objectives in this partnership.

Educational and Academic Coaching: Goals may range from identifying academic objectives and decision making, to taking needed actions to achieve academic success.

For more information on coaching services visit this website: Ostovarcoaching.com


Diagnostic Consultation: Specifically designed to clarify diagnosis and offer effective treatment recommendations. Dr. Ostovar provides unparalled diagnostic evaluations for those with a complex presentation.

Educational Consultation: Provide academic coaching, educational consultation, evaluation, and placement; facilitate school, college and graduate admissions process; conduct education/relocation research for clients including international students, cultural liaison for international clients, life coaching, assist in placement in appropriate educational setting and help motivate students in achieving their scholastic goals.

In Home Consultation and Observation: An incredibly rich, unique, and productive method of getting first hand information about the child by observing his/her behavior in the most natural, familiar, and safe environment.

School Consultation and Observation: This method of observation provides a window into the childs life at school and the quality of his/her relationships with peers. An observation period may include spending time in the classroom, gym, during recess, lunch, or after school activity.

Program Evaluation: Assessment, feedback, expert solutions, service plans and ideas.


Download Social Coaching PDF

Social Coaching in the Community: This specific service provides practical and real life skills and life coaching in the community, taking what the individual has learned in the office and generalizing it to every day real settings, activities, and situations. Here the focus is on issues that may hinder an individuals social growth and progress and may include life skills training, self-esteem, social anxiety, motivation, social skills for group settings, and social skills training.

Skill Specific Coaching: Client driven and focus specific, here, the individual is coached and trained in dealing with specific social situations that they have identified as an area of weakness. Some typical examples include life coaching on college interview skills, job readiness and the application process, conflict resolution, interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, initiating conversation, and other circumstances as identified by the individual client.


Evaluations and Assessments: Neuropsychological, Psychological, and Academic Evaluations are provided for individuals from infancy through adult. Specific areas of expertise include hard-to-test children, individuals with Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD), ADOS testing, developmental issues, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD/NVLD), Attention Deficit Disorders, Learning Disabilities, behavioral concerns, mental retardation, individuals with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), psychological, psychiatric, and emotional concerns.

All of the above services may be requested and funded privately, by families or individuals, or by schools, institutions, and companies. For additional information or any questions please call (617) 484-1100.

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